Choosing restaurant technology. As simple as a Four Course menu!

FOODnBEVTECH Four Course Menu

There is a certain satisfaction when one knows what they will get. Reducing uncertainty creates a rising sense of confidence when things are progressing as anticipated. Like a smooth dinner service in your restaurant.

Should choosing restaurant technology be like that too?

It was with that thought in mind that FOODnBEVTECH approached our model of helping restaurants make the right technology choices.

Serving the food & beverage industry made it clear that the process of identifying restaurant technology for your business should follow in the same structured and universally understood concept of a menu. We developed the Four Course Menu by FOODnBEVTECH. By the time you’ve enjoyed coffee you have already secured the right technology solution that fills a capability gap for your food & beverage operation.

First Course – Knowing

When sitting down for dinner your first step is to survey what is on offer. Explore the range of dishes that you could choose over the course of the meal. There are some old favorites that you expect (and hope) to find on the menu. Then there are some variations on a theme. Specials and surprising options that you’ve never experienced before that heighten your curiosity as to what could be possible.

Serving the food & beverage industry made it clear that the process of identifying technology for your business should follow in the same structured and universally understood concept of a menu. – Mark Fancourt

Surveying the menu is a metaphor for our first course which we call Knowing. As it follows, knowing is the course on our menu where we introduce you to the breadth of technology possibilities that exist for the restaurant industry. Just like a menu you will find some old staples and expected favorites. Although in the current climate the specials and new dishes well outweigh the old favorites. 

As technology has developed and the customer has migrated to a digital world there has been an acceleration of technology solutions designed to support and enhance an extensive range of your business functions. From Point of Sale to secure guest networks and tools to manage delivery processes, there are some 20 different major areas and many minor areas of normal restaurant operations that are positively impacted through technology.

Knowing helps you understand the range of technology available to the industry, the major role it plays in your business and why it is an important factor in the future success of your restaurant or bar. Armed with this information you will now understand what is available for ‘dinner’ and how to balance your expectations for the meal.

Second Course – Assessing

You’ve surveyed the menu and now understand the range of possibilities for the meal. The next step is to balance the breadth of what is on offer on the menu with the items you would like to have for your meal.

This is known as our Assessing course. FOODnBEVTECH reviews your food & beverage business against the range of possibilities for technology that you could select from the menu. Like a menu, anything is possible. However, your tastes may be aligned with particular dishes.

Through our Assessing process we evaluate the breadth of your operation and identify the types of technology that have a complementary fit. We identify specific solution areas and the business benefit for operational improvement, profitability impacts and competitive advantage these can bring to your business.

We’ve narrowed the choices on the menu to the dishes which will have the most impact on your dining experience. You now have a clear understanding of the options you should choose from the range of technology available that matches your business needs.

Third Course – Selecting

You know what’s on the menu. You’ve narrowed the choices to suit your palate and it’s time to make a selection of dishes for your meal.

As you select your dishes from the menu, you also select your technology from the menu. 

From the breadth of technology available to your restaurant or bar you now understand where the opportunities lie. It’s time to make a selection of a technology tool that will be implemented into your restaurant based upon the areas of need and opportunity identified in the Assessing course.

This is the Selecting course. You identify a specific business function where a technology solution is required. FOODnBEVTECH finds the right system and provider that aligns with the specifics of your operation and fits well with the technology you already have in use in your food & beverage business. We work with the partner to finalise the solution, ensure the right technology components are provided and negotiate commercial terms. You place the order and await the presentation of the meal.

Order in! Your technology dishes are on their way.

Fourth Course – Advising

Over dessert and coffee you reflect on the meal. The balance of dishes has left you satisfied and you feel better for the experience. In your technology world your new technology solution is now operational in your business and you are enjoying the new capability and operational improvements through automation.

You recall that there were a list of other dishes that you liked the look of, but were not able to try. After all you can only bite off as much as you can chew. You decide that a return visit to the restaurant will be necessary to sample other items on the menu.

The Advising course from FOODnBEVTECH combines the output from the Assessing phase and your future opportunities to adopt technology into your business. Together we work towards a prioritized introduction of technology into your business, aligned with existing technology and the optimal improvements you can continue to make as you ‘sample’ the other dishes on the menu.

Knowing, Assessing, Selecting & Advising. It really is as simple as a Four Course Menu! Shall we take your order?

FOODnBEVTECH Four Step plan

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